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F – Heli Bearn TBM 930 Project
"Manager of the company HELI BEARN, we contacted SWISSFLY AERO in the person of Marc DUCHESNE to search on the market for a TBM of the 900 series, which would allow us to complete our fleet of two KODIAKS, a TBM 700 and a PA31T.
SWISSFLY AERO has distinguished itself throughout the process of identification, expertise and commercial negotiation by an exceptional professionalism and an unfailing availability. Thanks to them, we were able to carry out this project of acquisition of a TBM 930 not only at the best and fair market price but by being permanently, perfectly accompanied, during all the phases of the operation.
I would like to thank the whole team of SWISSFLY AERO and particularly Marc DUCHESNE and confirm that they will remain my privileged interlocutors in terms of research and acquisition of aircraft or helicopters.
This company deserves all my technical and financial confidence."

CH – Papa Golf TBM 900 Project
"I found in SwissFly Aero a very strong and reliable partner for the purchase of my TBM. SwissFly Aero found initially the plane, that I finally bought, as it fitted exactly my demands. Then, the company managed the process in a very responsive way and thought about a lot of important details that I probably would have missed without them. Finally, we could close the process exactly in the plan. I appreciate very much the efforts of SwissFly Aero and can warmly recommend their services without anyreservations." Papa Golf







CH – Romeo Charly TBM Pilot & Owner
"A few years ago, I decided to acquire a new TBM aircraft, of course I needed speed and range but also very good airport performances, I'm based at LSGC! It is really a no compromise bird, land on short runways, have fun on VFR flight especially in the Swiss Alps, and for sure an impressive speed and range. In two and a half year I logged more than 400 hours, I fly mostly in Europe, but crossing the Atlantic appears easy and quite normal, so I did it and went to Los Angeles. It was an amazing trip. I'm very proud to own and fly my marvelours TBM910, at every flight wherever I go, in all weather conditions it's always a pleasure!" Romeo Charly

 TBM SN1265 Cervin 03

CH – Alpha Kilo TBM Pilot & Owner
"After twenty years flying a turbine Malibu, the speed and the endurance were the main reasons that attracted me to the Daher TBM 850. The incredible range and payload capabilities blew away most of the competitive aircrafts available on the market, including very light jets and smaller turboprops. 

Take a powerful, reliable engine, a rugged airframe, advanced aerodynamics and a state of-the-art glass cockpit. Combine that with global support services, mature technologies, the reputation of Daher and a 24-hour hotline. The result: all TBM aircraft deliver outstanding reliability, with the best safety record in their class. The Daher TBM is the ultimate aircraft a private pilot can fly." Alpha Kilo

VoC 3 210516 CH AK SNR349 20201025 

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