powerful economics argument


  • As per recent research program, one of the most significant benefits of business and/or leisure aviation is the flexibility it provides to users.
  • Often these business and/or leisure aviation users are able to structure complicated multi-destination trips, which otherwise would not have been possible.
  • Business and/or leisure aviation allow the users to fit their travel around their schedule and immediate needs, as opposed to having to fit their schedule around travel.


  • Business aviation also benefits enterprises businesses in relatively isolated areas to become more accessible to their clients and potential business partners, boosting the competitiveness of Europe’s less well-connected regions. Of course, it applies to leisure travel.


  • For many business and/or leisure aviation users, it is the reduced travelling time relative to commercial aviation or other transport means.
  • Unusual runaway performance allowing  to access to a significantly higher number of airports.

In other word there is a strong economic case for the use of a Business or Leisure Aircraft such as the TBM.

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