Aviation for Everyone
Youth in Aviation: The Broader Implications for Society

SwissFly Aero

believes that involvement in aviation is not just for the privileged few.

Spiritual Aspiration

flying is an attempt to untie the earthly bounds of your body and ego. Dreaming about flying with an air-plane is an symbolical step: trying to escape the everyday routine, struggle and harsh reality.

Freedom and Unbridled Fantasy

when you are flying in a plane, your feet are not touching the solid ground. That is symbolical for being disconnected from the earthly reality and enjoying freedom and creative talent to the fullest.

Therefore, SwissFly Aero are contributing to the realisation of dreams and aspirations by supporting the Theodora Foundation to give dreams to children.

Since its beginnings in 1993, the Theodora Foundation has been pursuing its mission to bring laughter and joy to children in hospital. Every year, the Giggle Doctors spread smiles and moments of happiness at thousands of children's visit. The Theodora Foundation is a recognised charity and does not receive any funding from hospitals or the government. The much-loved weekly Giggle Doctor visits depend entirely on donations from supporters and partners.

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