navigation and situational awareness

Equipped with the most reliable turbine in the history: PT6E

  • Ranging in power from 500 shp to over 2000 shp, PT6 engines are available in more than 100 models
  • Over 6500 users worldwide in 170 countries
  • More than 64'000 engines have been manufactured since its Entry into Service
  • Today's PT6 is up to four times more powerful, has a 50 percent better power to weight ratio, and up to 20 percent better specific fuel consumption compared to the original engine
  • PT6 engines have accumulated more than 1 billion Flight Hours
  • Supported by 30 P&WC Service Centers
  • PT6E-66XT model used on the Daher TBM 960 has a thermodynamic rating of 1844 horsepower – making it one of the most powerful engines in the PT6 family equipped with the Engine and Propeller Electronic Control System [EPECS]
  • The powerful PT6 turbines provides «THRUST YOU CAN THRUST», letting this turbine single operating safety

PT6: E-Series

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